The Omni-Channel Consumer Insights Xperience Solution.

DiscussNow is the Next Gen Solution for Brand's Communication. The Omni-Channel features allow you to connect and discuss with your audience directly through their messaging apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, Mail, WeChat, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.). Discussions are Agile, 100% connected with your audience with Real People for Better Insights.

DiscussNow, what is it?

Hyperconnected, agile, and easy to use conversational platform.

  • Invite you audience (clients files, Online Panels, Users website visitors...) to participate to Talkspaces and launch your discussions on targeted people.
  • After giving their authorization, they will receive directly the discussions on their Social App (Whatsapp, Messenger, Email, Linkedin, WeChat, Instagram or DiscussNow app).
  • You will interact with them in realtime. Analytics Dashboards allow you to pilote your discussions in real time. Automated Insights will be generated through DataViz for better Decisions.
Discussions between people

Reach your audiences where they are

Facebook Messenger

For who? For what?

DiscussNow is THE Agile, Easy to Use, Hyperconnected Conversational Solution. Made for Brands, Media Agencies, Digital Agencies and MR professionals to generate Automated Insights from people's mind.

Consumer Knowledge
Customers Experience
Insights Generation

About us Humanizee is based on People who love and respect People.

We want to make people happy and connected, we want to define a new way to engage and interact with People. Because the world and consumers behaviors have changed, because Millennials and GenZ have defined new rules for brands, time has come to change how brands interact, discuss, and get feedback from their clients.


We invite you on May 15th and 16th, 2019 to discover discussnow, an omni-channel solution for generating insights based on social messaging solutions.